I was fortunate to have parents present who encouraged me a lot to take (and seriously) my studies. Was able to do technical education and college practically for free (with a lot of logical effort), but I recognize that I had a lot more opportunity than other people. And it is because of these opportunities that I continue to apply myself a lot to my studies, to assert everything I had.

I will not be hypocritical and say that "studying is just wanting", it is not! It is to want, but to have a lot of discipline, objective and mainly "sponsors". I am not talking about those who pay for their studies, but about the people around them who, during this time studying, will be placed in a "second place" so that the objective is achieved. I believe that studies do bring rewards, but with great sacrifices.

Below is my academic "curriculum", from the most recent to the least recent. I am considering everything I studied: from the officers (approved by MEC and such) as the paid short courses. After all, everything has a cost (money and / or time), so everything should count!

Astronomy and astronautics, Galileo Galilei level

Image of the certificate of completion of the Astronomy and Astronautics course

Free course part of the program Astrophysics for All - Federal University of Santa Catarina. Since the study of nature in relation to what happens in the universe is a hobby, I allowed myself to study this theme as part of my pre-training for a later master's degree. An experience that, for those who like it, I find it worthwhile to dedicate a little time.

General Astrophysics, Georges Lemaître level

Image of the certificate of completion of the General Astrophysics course

Free course part of the program Astrophysics for All - Federal University of Santa Catarina. This was the first course I took that involved topics related to the science of nature and the universe. It is a slightly longer course, but it was worth every minute!

Executive MBA in Administration: Information Technology Management

Postgraduate diploma image, MBA in Information Technology Management

MBA available at Fundação Getúlio Vargas for executive education with an emphasis on the IT area. I believe that to be competitive in the job market, it is essential to evolve in the academic and it was with this focus that I sought my first postgraduate degree. To be closer to leadership positions, I thought it made a lot of sense to understand how an executive should act in companies. It was expensive (one must take this into account when investing in this type of education), there were sacrifices (classes on Saturdays, fortnightly full-time), but it was rewarding. The people who were there brought a lot of information and experience (yes, the students too, after all we were all working in some company).

CADEMP - Team Management and Leadership

Short course available at Fundação Getúlio Vargas aimed at future leaders. In my search for leadership positions, I also thought it made a lot of sense to understand how to lead a team. Sometimes experience is not enough because when you don't know what to do, you make decisions that could be better. So the presence of several professionals (90% already in leadership positions in the respective companies) brought me a lot of knowledge, that alone pays the investment!

Bachelor of Information Systems

Image of undergraduate diploma, Bachelor of Information Systems

I went to college at the extinct Faculdade Editora Nacional (later acquired by Anhanguera University) in São Caetano do Sul. I got a 100% scholarship through the Escola da Família program, a state government program that paid for some universities in exchange for work in state schools on Saturdays and Sundays (8 hours a day). A very interesting program with a relevant social issue, as it took young people off the streets to take courses, practice sports, handicrafts and etc. in the environment of public schools. I believe it was essential both for my studies (at the time college was the minimum for a good career) and for the staff. Working close to people who needed courses at school made me realize how much the country needs educators and how unequal this country is. I think that due to this experience, I have the desire to become an educator.

Computer Technician (formerly D.P.: Data Processing)

Image of the diploma of technical education in Informatics

I had the opportunity to do a technical education parallel to high school at E.T.E. Lauro Gomes, part of Centro Paula Souza. This was my starting point for the IT career that I have today, so it was a fundamental part of my education. I was lucky to have a father who paid a 3-month entrance exam course so that I could pass the exam to do technical education. I passed last (position 40 out of 40), but I managed to get in and I believe I made good use of the knowledge acquired. I am extremely lucky to have been able to take the course (paid by my father) and especially to have parents who encouraged me because they knew that technical education would make a difference in my life. I have liked computers since I was 9 years old (lucky my father could buy one), I tried the internet in 1997 (lucky also because we had terms of terms at the time when the internet practically appeared in the country).