A little more about me

Image with two dogs, one being of the German Spitz breed and the other of the Papillon breed

I've been married since October 2009, I met my wife in high school and we dated 7 years before we got married, so we've been together for a long time! We don't have children yet but we are in the process of adopting and we intend to have 2 children, it's a dream we've had since we got married and I know our time will come. We already had 1 cat but it died in 2018 due to kidney problems (lived 11 years). Today we have 2 dogs: a female German Spitz (named Amora) and a male Papillon (named Gizmo) that are in the photo on this page and that bring us a lot of happiness.

I always studied very hard, competed with my colleagues who finished math lessons faster (without mistakes). Think I was always a nerd getting high marks in most of the school tests in all the years I studied. Had excellent opportunities despite having studied in a public school in elementary and high school. Managed to do free technical education (by the former E.T.E) in parallel to high school, I went to college without having to pay fees (Escola da Família program, paid with work on weekends). Til today I still a study very hard, to update myself in my current profession (T.I.) and in a hobby I have (astronomy).

I was lucky that I didn't have to start working so early (in my teens), so I was able to dedicate myself well to my studies. My first (paid) job was "Turma Cidadã", a program of the São Bernardo do Campo city for young people in which we had an education focused on discipline and worked helping municipal institutions (in my case an E.M.E.B). I did several internships as a computer technician, technical support to the user and programmer, I am grateful to all the companies that gave me these opportunities that helped to form the professional I am today.

Being a nerd

I'm not ashamed to say, "I'm a nerd"! I always was, I always liked studying and playing computer games (I was lucky enough to have one when I was very young). Much of what I am today is thanks to my parents' encouragement in studies and my early curiosity with computers. The games obviously enchanted me a lot from an early age and it is because of them (I believe) that I developed a very good mental reasoning process that helped me in the IT profession.

To be quite honest, being a nerd is not just being an passionate of computers, games, comics, RPG, etc., this is pure labeling. But it means studying a lot, whatever it is (games, comics, etc.) it is necessary to know very well and have the notion that this will be used in a very specialized way. For me to be a nerd is to study and study and study, it is to be able to have a high level chat on a certain technical or pop culture subject.


YouTube: If there's one thing I love to do, it's watching videos on the most popular video platform in the world, and all kinds of videos as long as I can have a good laugh. Videos of memes, pranks, games ... There are also serious videos of all kinds of content too, especially the tutorials.

Music: Another thing I love to do is listen to music, but I'm not up to date with the latest news. For me it's more like enjoying the playlists of the songs that I'm used to.

Astronomy: yes, I like these charts. Physics, astronomy, astrophysics ... Until recently, I hadn't thought about training, but now I'm looking for a master's degree in astronomy. I have always liked the subject, I have always been connected to the news on the subject in newspapers and internet research, so why not also pursue an academic career in what I like!

Looking to the future

I believe that so much study and so much capacity for logical reasoning can be used for our future generations. So in addition to my career in IT (which helps a lot to pay the bills and have the structure that I consider ideal), I plan a parallel academic career. Pass on knowledge (as a teacher) and help science to seek answers (through academic work with doctors with projects).

It would be incredible to combine all the experience and knowledge in distributed systems and cloud computing with science focused on astronomy. I believe it would help to take another step in search of answers in astronomy and astrophysics. At least, that's how I believe I can contribute without wasting the time I invested in the knowledge I have today.